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NM Series

• Single-stage, end-suction centrifugal volute pumps.
• Main dimensions, compatible with EN 733 (DIN 24255) norm. A total of 45 designed pumps avaible in the series.
• Single suction with closed impeller and thrust balanced by means of counter-balancing holes and back wear rings, thus acquiring a dynamic balance.
• The Pump and the motor have a standart connection to the common base plate with a flexible coupling. Maintenance and repair procedures are easily carried out since the pump fixtures can be removed with the volute body.
• Use of extended coupling also enables the removal of the pump fixtureswithout moving the motor or the volute body.
• The series has been designed so that parts are easily replaced and standardized. The entire series is made of only 5 bearings and 5 shaft types, thus simplifying spare parts procurement.