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NMM Series

.NMM series pumps are single stage, end-suction, mono-block type centrifugal volute pumps.They are standard standart production wiyh enclosed impeller and mechanical seal.
.Basic dimensions and flow rate EN 733 (DIN 24255) are compatible with proposed values.
.The thrust (axial force) acting on the motor is compensated by means of the abrasion gasket and balancing holes.
.Motor and pump are two separate components and there are two shafts.The motor shaft is joined to the pump shaft by a special clamp. In the case of motors with power over a certain value the pump and the motor shafts are joined by seperate rigid coupling.
.Maintenance - repair processes are very easy due to the back pull-out design.Effective use of common parts in the design of the NMM series facilitates spare parts acquisition and delivery times.
.Standart asynchronous motors are used for propulsion.
.In NMM pumps shaft leaking in prevented with a mechanical seal. All radial and axial thrust forces are supported by the motor bearing.